More than just numbers

1234 provides you with a range of information to help smooth the way through your day. Whether it's the number for the nearest doctor, connection to that restaurant you can't remember the name of, or results for a footy match, call or text 1234 to get the information instantly.

1234 also provides you with find-a-fact type information. If you have a question, maybe you're having a debate with a friend or you're at a trivia night, call or text 1234 and if the answer is on Wikipedia, our operators will find it for you.

    Residential Information
  • Telephone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Mobile phone numbers
    Business Information
  • Telephone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Mobile numbers
  • Fax numbers
  • Web and email addresses
  • Additional details such as opening hours, products or services sold and payment options where available
    Movie Times
  • Movies showing at the cinema you want
  • Times for the movie you want to see
  • Cinemas that are showing the movie you want to see
    Weather Details
  • Current localised weather conditions
  • Localised weather forecasts
  • Marine reports (sea, swell, wind)
  • Ski and surf information
  • Weather warnings
    Street Directions
  • Straight forward street directions to almost anywhere in Australia
    Where Is the Nearest?
  • Search for a business type close to you
  • Then get turn-by-turn directions
    Sports Information
  • Scores
  • Fixtures
  • Ladders
    Find a Fact
  • Ask the operator a question and they will search an extensive online encyclopaedia for the answer which can be given verbally or via SMS
    Going Out
  • Gig and concert listings and information
  • Restaurant, café and bar reviews and contact information
    World Times & Dialling Codes
  • International dialling codes and time zone information

Things you need to know

1234 is available to Telstra mobiles and Telstra fixed line services preselected to Telstra or those that override to Telstra to make the call.

Calls to 1234 are charged a fee of $2.30. Standard mobile rates also apply. A connection fee of $1.50 cents applies to successful and attempted connection to the number requested then standard rates apply to the connected call.

Calls from Telstra Pre-Paid mobiles cost $2.30 per call plus standard Telstra Pre-Paid charges. A connection fee of $1.50 cents applies to successful and attempted connection to the number requested. Standard rates apply to the connected call.

If you don't want to be connected you can have most of the information sent by SMS to your mobile phone, which is included in the 1234 call charge.

1234 SMS

There are times when calling 1234 isn't convenient. Whether you're in a noisy place, or you don't want other people to hear or maybe you just can't be bothered.

The great news is, you can now get information from 1234 via text. To use this service, SMS your request to 1234 as you would compose and send a normal text message. A specialist operator will text you back the answer.

SMS requests cost a flat fee of $2.30 per request. That includes the message you send, the answer you receive and also any messages in between if the operator asks you to clarify what you are looking for or to provide more info:

Here's how it works:

Nick texts the following request for a phone number to 1234
Telephone number please for Gino's Pizza Shop in Brunswick
The operator texts back:
Is that Gino's Pizza Shop in Brunswick Victoria?
Nick texts back
The operator texts Nick the number he is looking for and he is charged a flat fee of $2.30.

As well as telephone numbers you can also access all information currently available on 1234.

That includes: Yellow™ listings, White Pages®, Directions, Movie Times, Sports result and even find-a-fact type information and more.

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